Engineering & Construction

We plan, build, and manage solutions to complex challenges, and bring to life the aspirations of our client partners.

We’re international leaders in the engineering and construction of large scale, complex projects that demand unparalleled technical expertise and resource management skills.

From the ground up, to inside and out, the sky is our only limit.

We have the resources and experience to create beautiful, efficient, and meaningful expressions of our expertise in residential, commercial, infrastructural and industrial engineering and construction

Engineering & Construction Expertise

Hand in hand with the project’s stakeholders, multi-disciplinary teams are formed to creatively explore fresh, practical ideas to achieve the best value for the owner, the sponsors and the end users of the asset

We interfere from the very early stages of the birth of the asset through our Early Contractor Involvement (ECI):

Feasibility study, budgeting and social & environmental impact assessments

Optimized and value engineered assets through life cycle management and energy efficiency.

Constructability scenarios to achieve speed and quality by integrating modular construction solutions and advanced technologies.

We have successfully built assets to a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from residential, commercial, infrastructural and industrial plants.